Frequently Asked Questions

How to Submit a Film?

Each film that is submitted for approval goes through a submission approval and an acceptance process

Submission Process

1. If you do not have an account with Shortfundly, create one for free. IMPORTANT: Please create the Shortfundly account as a Film Maker. This will be the filmmaker profile attached to the film on our site.

2. Once Registered! Login to your account and go to upload section

3. Follow the on-screen instructions for entering the details of your film. Once you Submit the film, you cannot make changes to the info for your film through your Dashboard. You must submit a change request to to update any of your info

4. We will notify you, once your film got accepted. You can check your approved films at approved films area in My Movies Section.

Note: You must retain the license for all music in your films.

Acceptance Process :

1. Our Movie selection team, screen the movie and decide weather the movie is accepted or not.

2. Once the movie got accepted. Your film will go live and available for viewers to watch it on Shortfundly.

3. We will notify you, If your film has been accepted. You can check it at approved films area in My Short films Section.

Note: You must retain the license for all music in your films.

Filmmakers DO have options. You CAN be an independent success

Shortfundly is a "Filmmakers First" online marketplace and distribution company created to empower filmmakers (both as artists and as entrepreneurs). Shortfundly is not the typical distribution company, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Even if your film becomes available on Shortfundly, it doesn't mean you will automatically start making money. Getting your film onto Shortfundly is just the first step. You have to help drive traffic and get people to watch your film. This is why building an audience is so important.

About The Marketing:

Once your film is officially listed in Shortfundly, we help with the marketing component. All available digital assets are utilized such as preview scene clips, trailers, stills and reviews as well as other communication methods like blogging, facebooking and tweeting.