ALLEN Career Institute

Role: Festival/contest,Production house/Distribution house

GuruKripa Productions is a unique initiative undertaken by ALLEN Career Institute which aims to showcase quality storytelling empowered by remarkable visuals and state-of-the-art design. It reflects the ideology of ALLEN where value-based education is of utmost importance and the foundation of developing the students of today into the glorious future of tomorrow. The production house functions with the fundamental idea of nurturing young minds with ethics, morals and principles. It desires to inculcate good values in students while also inspiring everyone around to be a better human. The in-house team at GuruKripa Productions works sincerely to achieve this feat. The team puts in all the efforts to come up with some value based short films, inspiring live events, and motivating videos – centered on the very idea ‘success isn’t about what you have achieved in life, but what you have done to inspire others’.

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