Babloo Thomas

Roles in film making : Film Maker/Screen Writer/Artist

Started making short films from 2014. The first one death register has 10000+ views on youtube. The second one your head got 2nd prize in All India competition by Ministry of road safety. The fourth one Dial 182 is a social media super hit with nearly 10 million views across all platforms.

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  • A man , along his son goes to an apartment complex for getting a refund for the advance paid for boo

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  • 01:02

    A little girl & family are playing in a park and littering without any thought when she notices

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  • മലയാളി കുടിയന്മാരുടെ വലിയ ദുഖങ്ങലായ

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    Young girl alone on a train is harassed. Another girl arrives and shows how to be both bold and beau

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