Derek Yancey Jr.

Roles in film making : Film Maker/Screen Writer/Artist

Derek Yancey Jr. is a filmmaker from Virginia, USA. He's won numerous awards in multiple mediums covering, film, art, photography, and animation. He is a Gold, and Silver Key recipient of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. His first short film was released in the Summer of 2015, for a contest hosted by the IFWE. Since then, he has gone on to create multiple short films, and music videos with his work being screened in several festivals in the US, and Canada.

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  • This was a student project I did for my production class. Sam Raimi's voice was used from a you

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  • 06:03

    Jo is a high stakes drug dealer who receives a new drug called Stride. <br /> It looks innoce

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  • Spec commercial replicating the RxBar commercial currently on-air Director - Derek Yancey Jr. Voic

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  • Directed by derek yancey jr.

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  • 01:08

    Edited this piece for TyFlash, completely unexpected he just sent me a video shot on his iPhone and

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  • 02:39

    A couple experience shame and forgiveness before finding themselves back where they started.

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  • 02:23

    2nd Place WINNER at the first annual 48 hour film festival at Regent University. Rules: Video mu

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  • This was my first short film, I directed or even shot, I had just turned 17. Forgiveness is a short

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