Prashast Singh

Roles in film making : Actor,Cinematograper,Director,Hero,Script Writer,Stunt Director

Prashast Singh is an aspiring writer plus filmmaker who made his debut with his own film Vishwavijay in 2016. He aims not to be a filmmaker but to spread the messages important for the society, through his own stories. He feels that stories and films are the best ways to do so. He also made and acted in several other short films.

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  • Bhaiyyajaan is a Hindi language action drama film written, produced, directed by Prashast Singh. The

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  • Watch the exclusive making of the film #Bhaiyyajaan on the official YouTube channel of its maker Pra

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  • Bhaiyyajaan is an upcoming Hindi language action-thriller film written, produced, directed by Prasha

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    Dayaal is an Indian Hindi language thriller written, produced, directed by Prashast Singh, who also

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  • Watch this short still animated action drama film that narrates a story before Vishwavijay movie. Wr

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    This short film tracks the story of a man named Ram, who has a mental disorder. This disorder often

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    Teaser trailer of the upcoming Paranoid thriller film DAYAAL.

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  • O Hero! is a Hindi Action Comedy film starring Prashast Singh in the lead role. The film has been wr

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  • Rain in the Town is a 2015 Short Indian Action Thriller film written, produced and directed by Prash

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  • Karthik, now living in an isolated environment, becomes a 'Kattar' or Radical, by sticking

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  • CHENNAI CIRCUIT is an upcoming Hindi and Tamil language Action Sci - Fi Thriller film written, produ

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  • Vishwavijay is a Hindi Action film written, produced and directed by Prashast Singh, featuring Prash

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Mumbai, India
Bhakta Bandhu Seth

Bhakta Bandhu Seth

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