Roles in film making : Film Maker/Screen Writer/Artist

Poet. Author. Blogger. Screenwriter. Director. Author of "Songs of a Ruin". Proud owner of four websites and two production houses.

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    A man watches experience from behind his father's frames after his father has passed. #ainak

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  • Ever tried booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC? Then you know the struggle! Check out our next video

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  • An exciting recipe of Flattened Rice with Curd garnished with Pomegranate and Carrots a.k.a Dahi Poh

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    Agent Bittu Yadav is hired for a contract. Can he do the job?

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    One of life's most valuable lessons delivered to you, packed in a quick jest. #lifeisnotarac

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  • Somewhere Else poem by Scottshak recited by Amelia Catherine Uncles (Cookies and Cakes) Actor: A

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  • THP's very first action series Karan Arjun is about two agents who can't get enough of eac

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    Who is eating all the food? Sleepover - A Fat Story is a short horror film about a teenage girl who

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  • A short video sketch of four men who go to the same gym, and yet are strangers to each other. Their

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    Staircase tells a story of a friendzoned guy who wishes to meet his crush. However, there is somethi

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    A short sketch of a girl dancing in her stilettos.

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  • Facebook personifies! Doesn't Facebook bother you sometimes? Sometimes a tad too much! Still

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Mohit Hassani

Mohit Hassani

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