Sheikh Shahnawaz

Roles in film making : Film Maker/Screen Writer/Artist

Sheikh Shahnawaz is a British film director, screenwriter & producer. While studying Media Production at Coventry University he created 2 short films FRIEND REQUEST and STALKER which have gone on to amass over 1.5 million total views on YouTube. Since then, for 2018 he has been releasing a short film a month to YouTube for his 5000 plus subscribers. You can watch all his work here:

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  • 09:16

    A loan shark performs a magic trick for one of his customers.

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  • 07:53

    A man suffers from chronic nightmares and wears an anklet that shocks him with electricity whenever

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  • 10:46

    A teacher finds himself being extorted when he receives incriminating photographs of him with a 15 y

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  • 06:15

    A robbery goes wrong and 2 crooks must decide what to do with the witness. A Film by Sheikh Shahn

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  • 11:21

    After years of being in an abusive relationship and isolated from her friends and family, a woman de

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  • 10:01

    A man battles with his addiction to FORTNITE, a popular online video game after he starts to see his

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  • 07:42

    A man wakes up in the woods with no memory of how he got there. He must find his way back home but t

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  • Two childhood friends are tested when they meet with a local mob boss for their gang initiation.

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  • 03:27

    The death of an unknown man and the moments leading back from it. A Film by Sheikh Shahnawaz

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