Zan Bassanese

Roles in film making : Film Maker/Screen Writer/Artist,Production house/Distribution house

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  • Time is Relative is based on the idea that if we spend out time wisely, we will be rich. Direc

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  • Don't Be Late ! (#Football) is a short film based on the idea that you can't miss the foot

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    Here you can see most of my work. From Travel videos to commercials & short films. Facebook:

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  • Distractions Short Comedy Film is based on the idea of people using their phones while studying ...

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  • Communication is a comedy short film based on the conversation between young people through social m

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  • Haven't been to Warsaw yet ? No problem, here is a short video that will show you the beauty of

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  • This another one of my short videos. It shows you how beautiful forest and nature is. Filmed, col

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  • Peace is precious is another one of my short videos, it is based on the modern refugee problem and r

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