Having 8 years + Experience in film industry, Worked 100+ short films & Music albums, 80+ advertisements. He was born in rajapalayam, moved to chennai and started follow his filmmaking passion. Now, He's available to take film editing projects. Join & Explore his profile.

Kadhal Ondru Kanden
36:52 sec
Yeno Vaanilai Maaruthey
26:33 min
Heera - 1st Ever Multi Genre Shortfilm
39:50 min
Anbu Malargale
00:35 sec
Glassmates - Adiye Video
04:40 mins
Shades of Kadhal - Tamil Album
04:13 mins
Sakkaram Song Teaser
00:36 sec
Yeno Vaanilai Maaruthey Short Film - Teaser
01:29 mins
Kadhal Ondru Kanden
01:58 sec
GRB Soan papdi
00:30 sec
Jansons 2 in 1 Dhoties
00:30 sec
Jansons Dhoti Ad - KS Ravikumar
00:40 sec

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Filmmaking Quote

I've been able to make some wonderful films, but sometimes you make films with great passion - great belief - and these films slightly don't work at the box office, and they become your favorite films.

Someone famous in Yash Chopra


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Shortfundly act as online promotion & curation platform for creative filmmakers and movie buff community
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