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Haircut - Award Winning Hindi Shortfilm - Under 10 minutes

Story line: A simple story of a simple man who just want a simple haircut. Sounds easy doesn't it?

09:08 mins
Destiny - Award Winning Hindi Romantic Comedy Short Film | under 14 minutes

Story line: A rejection is just a choice made by another person according to his taste, it does not mean you are worthless. it is just he wants something else. so never take rejections so personally, because sometimes we also reject people. Written and Directed by Vikkramm Chandirramani.

13:43 mins
Two Things - Award Winning Hindi Shortfilm | Under 13 minutes

Story line: Few days before getting engaged to a US-based guy, the girl wants to talk to him on webcam about her shocking past... and a difficult present. Story and Directed by: Abbas Mirza.

12:28 mins
Makeover - 2020 Award Winning Hindi ShortFilm | Under 13 minutes

Story line: Beauty is often distorted, misunderstood and shadowed by a wide amount of conflicting pressures. It's time for Makeover... Written & Directed by Anshuman Raj.

12:23 mins
Baatein - Award Winning Hindi Shortfilm | Under 21 minutes

Story line: The unlikely trio strike a friendship as they express some of their deepest fears. A few unexpected and uncomfortable conversations take place that changes their outlook towards life forever. Directed by Adeeb Rais

20:36 mins
Khamakha - Award Winning Hindi short film | under 18 minutes

Story line: A suave guy finds himself in a state transport bus when his car breaks down. In a bus full of villagers his attention is drawn to a striking girl. As he tries to make a conversation , the differences become evident. Will they be able to see each other beyond the obvious? Since it takes all kinds to make a bus journey worth the trip.

17:04 mins
PuranaPyaar - Award Winning Hindi Short Film | under 22 minutes

Story line: It's a multi award winning new age love story of two oldies, that tells you that you are never too old for love. Rediscover romance, adventure and the magic of the mountains with Purana Pyaar, story 5 and season finale of the romantic comedy web series Love Handles S1.

21:18 mins
"Adheen" - Award Winning Hindi Short Film | under 22 minutes

Story line: Selfish or selfless, what is the definition of love in a family?

21:42 mins
SPARSH - Award Winning Hindi ShortFilm | under 16 minutes

Viewers Comment: Yet again..a fantastic video showcasing Human behavior and how people don't react at the right time and eventually burst out at the wrong place and on wrong person.. loved the concept.

15:00 mins
EK CHOTI SI EGO - Award Winning Hindi ShortFilm - Under 14 minutes

Story line: The beautiful story of an ex-Husband and ex-Wife. Life may take you to places, but some places stays forever in your heart.

13:09 mins
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