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H2SO4 - Award Winning Kannada SHORTFILM | Under 11 minutes

Story line: Shefali is school going girl. She Is very keen to perform Modeling In Fancy Dress Competition held at school. Shefali's mother Supports & Encourages her. But her Uncle gets angry & threatens Shefali not to perform In Fancy Dress Competition.Inspite of all these she went To Perform,Will Shefali Fulfill Her Dreams ?.

10:41 mins
Vaddaraadhaka - Award Winning Kannada Shortfilm - Under 10 minutes

Story line: This short film tells us the present situation of a rural region where the old people are facing the issues without a guardian and also how they handle it by building their own beautiful world. Directed by Aneesh S Sharma.

09:36 mins
"ಅಕ್ಷರ-AKSHARA" - Award Winning Kannada Short Film | under 22 minutes

Story line: It's is a social message oriented short film about voting, farmer’s suicide, love & friendship. Directed by Ankush Madugiri.

21:14 mins
Jayanagar 4th Block - Award Winning Kannada Shortfilm | Under 28 minutes

Story line: It's revolving around an actor, a florist and a retired school teacher. Although strangers to each other, they often meet at a place regularly developing a friendship. Each of them finds a piece of happiness that they had lost, at Jayanagar 4th block.

27:28 mins
CHOWKABARA - Award Winning Kannada Fiction ShortFilm | Under 21 minutes

Story line: It's about the journey of people who have become victims of situations. The protagonist of the film trapped in financial problems turns a blind eye towards all other issues of life. His life takes a major turn when he receives a call from an unknown number and the protagonist decides to neglect it. Directed by Raghu Shivamogga.

20:11 mins
Smile Please - Award Winning Kannada short film | under 13 minutes

Story line: This film depicts the story of a young photographer Vihaan who is passionate about photography and deeply in love with a girl Samiksha. Everything goes on well in his life until he (Vihaan) gets stuck in between true love and his passion.

12:26 mins
Kezah - Award Winning Suspense/Thriller Kannada Short Film | under 25 minutes

Story line: When the city sleeps, a serial killer is on the run, killing innocent girls in a very unusual sense. Now its upto Crime Brach to solve the case before its too late. The Clock is Ticking... Directed by Ganesh Parashuram.

24:35 mins
"ANTHA" - Award Winning Kannada Short Film | under 18 minutes

Story line: The psychological cine journey which shows the different flavors of your own perspectives. A story with all the trill you need. Directed by Harsha Shastry.

17:32 mins
HASIVU - Award Winning Kannada ShortFilm | under 13 minutes

Story line : It's made to create awareness of wastage of food. 'Hasivu' received first place in National level movie making competition and many appreciations from all around. Directed by Harsha Shastry.

12:56 mins
IDENA LIFE ANDRE - Award Winning Kannada ShortFilm - Under 18 minutes

Story line: This short movie depicts the life story of a man who in the pursuit of comfort and luxury gave up the precious moments of happiness forever and eventually regretted it. But there is no way he can change or alter the past.

17:10 mins
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