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'Laadu' - Award Winning Marathi Shortfilm - Under 19 minutes

Story line: This short film portraying a strong & emotional bonding of Grandmother & Grandson relationship. Endless memories!! A Library full of mesmerizing stories!! Grandma a true friend bridging the generation gap!!. Written & Directed by : Kiran vijay sashte.

18:38 mins
Kulup - कुलुप - Award Winning Marathi Short Film | under 20 minutes

Story line: This short film featuring true story about struggleful life of sugarcane workers, anguish and pain of their children. Real condition and challenges faced by them while they have to migrate six months of the year for work. Directed by Vishal Abhang.

19:50 mins
Premachya Palikade - Beyond love - Award Winning Marathi Shortfilm | Under 19 minutes

Viewers comment: प्रेमा पोटी पैसे जरूरी नाही पण आई बाबांना पेक्षा प्रेमही जरूरी नाही जीवनाचा साती आज मिळतो पण त्या जीवनाच्या साती सोबत राहायला आई बापच आपल्या हे जीवन देतो हे कधी विसरू यार.

18:48 mins
Kevada - 2020 Award Winning Marathi ShortFilm | Under 26 minutes

Story line: A young man is on a regular monthly visit to his grandmother. Things take an unexpected turn as she starts reminiscing. Directed by Ameya Beknalkar.

25:17 mins
आरसा (हृदयस्पर्शी मराठी लघु चित्रपट) - Aarsa - Award Winning Marathi SHORTFILM | Under 20 minutes

Story line: खूप छान संदेश दिला आहे आणि सगळ्यांच काम पण खूप छान आहे..

19:01 mins
काळ्या काचेची कार - Award Winning Marathi short film | under 21 minutes

Story line: Kishya, who is madly in love with Guddi, makes all the efforts he can to save his love. But a time comes when everything he dreamt of is at stake and this time, it's going to be the test of trust and perseverance.

20:20 mins
Vaishakh - Award Winning Marathi Short Film | under 20 minutes

Story line: This is the story of Jana, with whom life has not been kind. Set in rural India, against the backdrop of farmer suicides, poverty and classism, it's a story about how life can change in a blink of an eye and the only thing that matters is survival. It shows us what family means to each one of us and how the lines between right and wrong can get blurred when it comes to providing for them. Directed by Santosh Gothoskar, Yayati Rajwade.

19:58 mins
"Pahila Paus" - Award Winning Marathi Short Film | under 17 minutes

Story line: This short film revolves around the theme of finding long passion that the person rediscovers just because of simple phone call! Actress Megha Ghadge who is popular as Lavani dancer explores a completely new side of her in this beautiful short. The short film has been celebrated and honored at different film festivals around the world. Written & Directed by Anant Ankush.

16:56 mins
DON CUTTING (दोन कटिंग) - Award Winning Marathi ShortFilm | under 18 minutes

Story line: This short film presents a story of an artist who is passionate about his art and is still exploring his life whilst surviving the family and social pressure to get married and take up responsibilities. parental pressure makes him meet a girl What happens after they meet is the zest of the story. Directed by Krunal Rane.

17:24 mins
FIRASTI (फिरस्ती) - Award Winning Marathi ShortFilm - Under 15 minutes

Viewers Comment: Nice story acting best editing fabulous all team work is great I like this story👍 . Directed by - Shridhar Jalindar Yadav.

14:47 mins
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