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Best Holi special Short Film | DeDream - Under 5 minutes

Indian festival based Short Film "DeDream". Before starting, we wish you "Happy holi" to all our readers and viewers. Sometimes we even imagine thing which is unreasonable or may be not even related to anything around you. But I guess most of time you imagine yourself with someone and how it would be to be with that person and it just goes deeper.

03:07 mins
Khul ke Bolo | Child Abuse theme holi message Short film

This 2020 makes your holi a very special holi. In this movie, director Vikkas Vicks, has tried his best to convey a very strong message about good touch and bad touch. Each and every child should be aware of this. So, watch this reality based short film with your kids and build a kind of relation where he /she can be able to share the situations. It's worth to watch in holi 2020.

01:33 mins
Women Empowerment | Safe Holi Short Film | Dedicated to All Women

It's a initiative to highlight the people who hide behind colors during holi and try to color our India with their evil intentions. This is something I'm sure everyone can relate it with their life at some point. So we made an amazing Holi Special video where we will be showing your imagination and your thoughts in action. Holi is the time of the year where all the Neighbourhood people can gather around and play with colors and great each other with wishes to have a great and colorful life ahead.

02:37 mins
BERANG | Happy holi 2019 short film

This short film will help us to share a social message on the current state of society on the occasion on holi.

06:47 mins
RANGEEN - INDIA PAKISTAN Award winning romantic drama Short film in holi

Rangeen is a short story of the relationship between two teenagers, Aditi & Sohail who fall in love with each other being unaware of the gravity of rivalries between India and Pakistan. Would they ever overcome the obstacles, the pressure and the imaginary boundary created by society that generation after generation are forced to abide by. It’s time to question those distinctions.

13:20 mins
Just Like You Said | Holi Special Short Film under 5 minutes

From starting it was so positive nd so I feared what will be the end nd I am glad it had a beautiful end Said millions of things in just 5 minutes. It's high time we understand holi till it's too late that it's just would be present in text books of new generation. This is informative with environment friendly massage and the good massage to the people's who celebrate holi in 2020.

03:43 mins
Holi Motivational short film 2019

This short film is an attempt to send a message on this holi for all the youngster. Bhut khub bhai 💕💕💕👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏

04:29 mins
Holi 2020 Special Nepali Comedy Short Film

Corona virus ko topic ma social awareness didai holi lai include garera foreign haru bata corona sareko vedio banaunu paryo.. Vedio xai serious hoss na.. Aru Channel le vanda aafu ley 1st banau nu paryo.. Watch the short movie till end.

10:54 mins
Happy Holi - 2018 Award winning Short Film

Story is nice.... Mind blowing shot was awesome.. mind blowing performance and very nice short film keep it up. Aur ha story bahot hi badiya he ki apne aas pass ke logo ko bhi help karni chahiye. I'm very impressed and waiting to watch the entire short film from this team.

11:28 mins
DRUSHTI a shortfilm based on Holi Festival 2018

Holi festival plays an important role in our lives even nature is dressed up in pleasant colors. We play with colors during our festivals. holi lets us play with colors to our hearts content. we lose ourselves while putting colors on others. These days when people run out of colors they use chemical colors, oil paints even drainage water. These things are so harmful they can even lead to blindness and then a colourful life gets converted into a dark day. This is the story of one such girl whose life got destroyed due to a similar tragedy. Don't miss it.

17:18 mins
Holi Day Quote

A true and caring relation doesn't have to speak loud, a soft message is just enough to express the heartiest feelings. Enjoy the festival of Holi with lot of fun.

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