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Mumma - Mothers day Hindi Shortfilm - Under 10 minutes

Story line: "Life Doesn't Comes With A Manual, It Comes With A Mother"👸. Story, Direction & Screenplay by Kunal Bhosle.

09:43 mins
Maa Kehti Hai - Mothers day Hindi Short Film | under 4 minutes

Story line: Every Women is Maa, I hope you guys love more your mother after watching this short film.

03:25 mins
Mirror সামনে তুমি - Mothers day Hindi Shortfilm | Under 14 minutes

Story line: It try to show A mother's Love for her child. This short film about International Mother's Day. Tag line - 'Mothers are our best asset in the world'.

13:13 mins
Badi Maa - 2020 Mothers day Hindi ShortFilm | Under 9 minutes

Story line: After doing everything she can for her children, all a mother wants is just some more time to spend with them. Mothers do so much for their children. This Mothers Day, let's give it back to the wonder women who dedicate their lives to us. Directed by Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha.

08:51 mins
MANAN - Mothers day Hindi Shortfilm | Under 4 minutes

Story line: This heart touching story is set in an old-age home where the son has come to visit his mother, who is in her eighties. The conversation starts on a note where she seems to be complaining about the condition of the home. But this is not what she actually means.. We should never forget that our parents sacrificed their own comfort to take care of us. Directed by Monuj Borkotoky.

03:30 mins
बेटी | BETI - Mothers day Award winning Hindi short film | under 34 minutes

Story line: In INDIA we pray goddess Laxmi on Diwali but we treat the same girl child differently when she comes in our family as a Wife, Daughter In Law or Daughter. This is such a story inspired from True events. Directed by Raja Ram Mukerji.

33:53 mins
Mothers and Daughters - Mothers day Hindi Short Film | under 13 minutes

Story line: As two women effortlessly swap life-roles with each other in this film, we see them through each other's eyes; sometimes a projection, often a mirror. Infinitely complex, painfully simple and deeply beautiful, here's to the most amazing relationship in the world: 'Mothers and Daughters'. Because they may grow old together, but will never be too old for each other. Written and Directed by Akanksha Seda.

12:48 mins
"Second Mother" - Mothers day Hindi Short Film | under 14 minutes

Viewers Comment: I lost my mother in my childhood..I know that pain very many times iam crying with my 2nd mom...pls everybody respect ur mother nd love ur mother ....

13:07 mins
The School Bag - Mothers day Special Hindi ShortFilm | under 16 minutes

Story line: An innocent wish. A mother going all out to fulfill it. What happens next will leave you with varied emotions. Directed by Dheeraj Jindal.

15:10 mins
KIRDAAR - Mothers day Special Hindi ShortFilm - Under 15 minutes

Story line: A mother plays so many different roles in her child's life.She is a friend,a counsellor,guide,critic and the list goes on.The question is,do we understand her and everything she does for us?

14:36 mins
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