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Budh (Awakening) | Nominated for filmfare awards 2020 - Under 18 minutes

It's a women centric Short Film (Based on Indian Roots) . It’s a Story of three women from different parts of India in different age group. Its about 19 Year old Catholic girl Yvonne from a metropolitan city, 32 year old Zainab a Muslim house wife from Small city and Laxmi a Hindu Widow from a Northern village of India. These women have a similar struggle in their daily life and that is mental and physical abuse. Their intensity and situation varies but the consistency is the same. Watch the entire short film now.

17:27 mins
MIDNIGHT | Nominated for filmfare awards 2020 - Under 17 minutes

It's a suspense thriller of a retired man Indresh played by Mr. Rajit Kapur who is driving through a secluded path and gets a Flat Tyre. On deciding to spend the night in a near by Villa turned Guest House Indresh finds some hidden secrets of the place. To know more watch the film till the end.

16:45 mins
Alisha | Nominated for filmfare awards 2020 | Under 21 minutes

The story starting with a girl and his childhood crush. She is meeting the guy who was crazy about her. After years. What would it lead to? Confusion? Awkwardness? Misunderstanding? Maybe, love? Or, something else? If a girl takes care of a boy, the boy thinks It's love but actually It's friendship. If a boy takes care of a girl, the girl thinks It's friendship but It's Love actually. We think the word "childhood crush" is wrong. It's a childhood love... may be 1st love... one sided love... pure, deep but incomplete. That's all. Watch the entire short film now.

20:02 mins
Sarvagun Sampann | Nominated for filmfare awards 2020 | Under 15 minutes

Present at all community gatherings and festivals, Kalyani is loud, brazen, joyful and just simply having fun. This 40-year-old spinster is a constant topic of gossip amongst the ladies of the community wondering how she lives a wanderer’s life with no responsibilities. There are rumours, of course, surrounding her marital status and why she remains single - is it out of choice? Out of circumstance? Her existence was merely a warning sign of a what may happen to you if you don’t get married at the right age. In this story She does not have any problem infact she is living her life independently and happy. She is portraying herself as fear in this socialy conservative and fixed minded society.

14:11 mins
Nawab | Nominated for filmfare awards 2020 | Under 10 minutes

It's an original short by MansiJain starring AparshaktiKhurana, GeetikaVidya & MallikaDua portrays the solace a man finds in a dog when he least expected it. His wife left him but the Dog remained at the same place where he left him...he was waiting for his owner to come back. What a comparison between human and animal...with all the growth humans have done, we have forgotten to love unconditionally.

09:49 mins
Woh Pal | Nominated for filmfare awards 2020 | under 12 minutes

It's a heart warming short film, about a 7 year old kid Aman, who goes to great lengths to remind us of something extremely important and teach all of us the most valuable lesson. From the concept to the characterisation to the music....heart warming message! Don't miss it. watch and share your experience with your friends and family.

11:19 mins
Comedian | Nominated for filmfare awards 2020 | under 16 minutes

In Mumbai,reporter Amit Trivedi interviews Ashwin verma,who is a stand up comedian. Ashwin Verma tells him about his family,ex lover and about his earlier days as an aspiring theatre actor. Watch it and share your experience. If you like it share with your friends.

15:09 mins
A MONSOON DATE | Nominated for filmfare awards 2020 | under 20 minutes

It's about an eventful, rainy evening when a young woman is on her way to see a young man she is dating. Along the way, she experiences bittersweet moments with a series of strangers, even as a storm brew inside her. Today, she has decided to reveal to the young man a heart-breaking truth about her past. This truth, she knows, is not possible for anybody to understand. And yet, she hopes that he would. With her heart pounding like the torrential rain around her, she holds on to this unreasonable hope. Main Cast : Konkona Sen Sharma. Do watch and share your comments.

19:59 mins
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I think one of the worst things that happened to me was, you know, my voluntary fallout with my father. And then the greatest thing that happened to me was when I saw the light, and realized I needed to love him in a way that he could love me back.

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