Preetham Dev

Best Romantic Short films Smile-Where two Hearts Meet With A Face Art. LPU Short films 2015

Date: December 19, 2015


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Cast and Crew

Preetham Dev

Preetham Dev


Pawan kumar

Pawan kumar


Vamshi krishna reddy

Vamshi krishna reddy


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Smile is a short film based on a tragic event at college where two hearts meet up each other,from classrooms to college corridors,following their way through a "Made Up",Smile. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Special Thanks To:- Lovely Professional University. Mentor:- Professor Simranjeet Singh Genere:- Romance And Drama Hocus Focus Production:- Shyambhu Poddar And Preetham Dev Director:- Preetham Dev Introducing:- Sahil Dhankar and Shivangni Sood Cinematographer:- Gopidi Vamshi Krishna DOP:- Subham Malakar Editor:- Vishal Sabarwal and Preetham Dev Story:- Rakesh Sardhalia and Preetham Dev Colour Correction:- Deepak Kumar Sceenplay:- Preetham Dev and Anish Kashyap VFX:- Hithesh Creations Assitant Dicrectors:- Anish Kashyap,Aravind Kaur Heer,Pawan And Pankaj Kumar Assistant Camera Man:- Bhawan Phaguwala and Deepak Kumar Photography Stils:- Bhawan Phaguwala Floor Manager:- Gurpreet Sahni Production Managers:- Sidaq Prapat Singh and Vikas Kumar Rangeela Background Score:- Bangalore Days Graffer:- Subham Malakar Dubbing Studio:- Lovely Professional Uiversity (Block 20) Production Assistance:- Abdur Rehan,Vikram Kumar Jha and Dulcie Suri. Follow Us At:- Contact Information:- Shyambhu Poddar(+919007375435) Preetham Dev(+918147130028) Email Us At:-

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