Venkat Lakshmanan

Noe Tamil Short Film Rajashekar, Santosh Munish 6g Studios venkat

Date: June 5, 2016


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Noe is the short film with six short songs, which is first of it's kind. It features Rajashekar,Vasudeva Sibiram and Santosh Munish in the lead. Directed & edited by Venkat Lakshmanan and Music by Al­ Rufian. The short film focused on the pain of an orphan boy, who grew up in a orphanage and is let to face the society oh his own. the labour he undergoes for making his living, the thirst in his heart to continue his studies and the undue happenings that force him run for life makes the story of the film. Cast : Rajashekar,Santosh Munish,Vasudeva Sibiram Director & Editor : Venkat Lakshmanan Writer : Venkat Lakshmanan - Vasudeva Sibiram Music : Al Rufian Cinematography : Gautam Srikantan Lyrics : Vignesh Jeyapal Singers : Nikhil Mathew, Sai Sharan, Krishna Kumar, Pravin, Al Rufian,Saipuja Production House : 6g studios Music Label : 6g music Click here to watch: Noe Teaser : Song Playlist : Subscribe us: Like us : Contact us : | +91 8870660543 Awards,Special Mentions & Screenings : Official Selection ­- 9th Avtar International Film Festival Nominated for Best Director ­- 9th Avtar International Film Festival Official Selection - 10th Indo Russian Cinemas, Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Chennai Winner, Best Short Film -­ Xtreme 2016 Winner, Best Short Film - Techfestino'16 Winner, Best Short Film ­- The Young Director, Uddeshhah 2016 Winner, Best Short Film ­- Chemfluence 2016, Anna University Official Selection - Anokha Official Selection- Crossroads 2016 , Trivandrum Official Selection -­ Xtensis 2016 Official Selection -­ Yagna Dhurva, Trivandrum Official Selection - Kruksastra, Sastra University, Thanjavur

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