Date: June 30, 2018

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Ramalingam is an old man, lives in a remote village.He loves agricultre and taking care of his own land. he cultivates paddy and other items.his son always forcing him to sell the land and settle in a town. it is waste of time to be a farmer as the agriculture is no profitable bussiness. Since Ramalingam has a passion towards agriculture he dont accept his son's deal.So the son angrly scolding on his dad and leave him alone and he goes to the town. Then a small puppy comes to Ramalingam and become thin and thick.he spends all the time with the dog and as it grows the relationship cherish in to a father son like affinity. Then he moves to Delhi for a protest organised by tamil farmers. Unfortunately Ramalingam dies there and the same time dog realise that everything gone wrong by seeing the tv clippings and through some intutions by naturally the dog has the sense. In the climax the man get down from the bus and the dog runs to hug him passionately.by the time a truck hit the dog and it dies.the shots explains later that the dog commits suicide and both the ATHMA joins togather and goes to the god.

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