Viknesh  Perrabu

PARAMAPATHAM 1st Teaser - PAGADAI SNMW Thanesh Perrabu Viknes Perrabu

Date: April 17, 2019


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Cast and Crew

Viknesh Perrabu

Viknesh Perrabu


Balan Raj/Jeghatesan

Balan Raj/Jeghatesan





Thanesh Perrabu

Thanesh Perrabu





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PARAMAPATHAM, upcoming Malaysian Tamil Film will be releasing in cinemas nationwide. For the first time in Malaysia, Paramapatham is a mind-twisting Gameboard based story, going to release this year 2019. Dreamsky Home Production in association with Sai Nanthini Movie World (SNMW) Producer : Sai Nanthini Movie World (SNMW) Dr. DR. Latcha Perrabu PhD. - Dr. DR. Chakravarthy PhD. Directors : Thanesh Perrabu - Viknes Perrabu Story : Thanesh Perrabu - Kohgulan - Dhiban Raj - Peregelathan Music Directors : Balan Raj - M. Jagathees Assistant Directors : Kohgulan - Desmond - Dhiban Raj Script : Desmond DOP : Jegatheesvaran (Astra) Editing - Coloring : Thanesh Perrabu Production Manager : Shamaraj Production Designer: Risheekesan Art Director: Yogendran Stunt Choreographer : Sasivaroban Special Makeup Artist : Swarie Makeup Artist : Vanisri Starring : K.S.Maniam, Singai JGun, BenG, Aghonderan, Umagandhan, Vicky Nadarajah, Kavimaran (THR Raaga), Viknes Perrabu, Thanesh Perrabu, Sasivaroban, Risheekesan, Kausaliya, Pavitran, Vimal, and many more. Special Thanks to our all media partners, friends, and supporters. Paramapatham ( SNMW ( Thanesh Perrabu ( Viknes Perrabu (

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