Divya Gummalla

Chaturvedi New Telugu Short Film 2019 With Eng Subs By Shravan Gudelli U

Date: May 28, 2019


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Total Rating: 7

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Two strangers met in a train develop a robbery story throughout their journey. One gets shocked to know the story is somehow related to him. Crew: Story, Screenplay & Direction - Shravan Gudelli Additional Screenplay - Divya Gummalla Cinematography - Bala Music - Karthik Kumar Rodriguez Producers - Shravan Gudelli, Divya Gummalla Executive Producers - Prathap Reddy, Naveen Valmiki, Raviteja Dulla, Harsha Vardhan Dronamraju & Kiran Kumar Alugam Editing & Keying - Shravan Gudelli Sound Design - Shravan Gudelli, Anil Color Grading - Aryan Mouli Dubbing & Mixing - Raghu, Danny (Laxvil) Publicity Design : Likith Mouli Associate Cinematography- Surendra, Shekar, Dhana Direction Team - Dilip Reddy, Akash

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