Anil Kumar Talari

Telugu Inspirational Short film 2019 - నేనూ గొప్పోడినే... (I am Great too...)

Date: August 6, 2019


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Cast and Crew

Venkat Talari

Venkat Talari


Ghantasala Viswanath

Ghantasala Viswanath





Venkat Talari

Venkat Talari


Venkat Talari

Venkat Talari


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NOTE: Due to the Licenced content requirement from Film Festivals, this film will be accessible to the public only until 23 August 2019. Movie: నేనూ గొప్పోడినే... (I am Great too) Chapter 1 of 8 Parts Message-oriented Feature film series. We have chosen the film as a medium to inculcate morals & values in our society - AEA Foundation & MOFFS Team. మన సమాజంలో నైతికత మరియు విలువలను పెంపొందించడానికి మాధ్యమంగా సినిమాను ఎంచుకున్నాము - AEA ఫౌండేషన్ & MOFFS బృందం. Director & Editor: Venkat Talari, Story: Shiva Nageshwara Rao, Cinematographer: Parameshwari, SFX & Music: Ghantasala Viswanath. Cast & Crew: Gattu Ravi as Raghava, Rajiv Kumar as Rajaram, Jyothi as Shamala, Ramesh as Raghava's Boss, Chinni as Raghava's Daughter, Anil as Raghava's Colleague, Krishna as Driver, Vasundhara as Raja Ram's wife, Shasank (Assistant Director), Vijay (Assistant Cinematographer).

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