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Kalave Lyrical Video Krishna Madhura Anudeep Dev Sindhuja Mahadevan A film by Viritha U

Date: November 29, 2019


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#anudeepdev #krishnamadhura #telugushortfilm Lyrics - Anirud Shandilya Singers - Anudeep Dev, Sindhuja Mahadevan Director - Viritha Adapa Producers - Sudheer Manne, Rashmi Mishra Jeedigunta Co-producer - Balaji Somireddi Executive Producer - Srinivas Poojari Cinematography, Editing, DI, Graphic Design - Mohan Vamsi The story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Music, Original score & Sound design - Sriteja Jeedigunta Co direction & Screenplay - Bharath Teja Direction team - Uday Sai Prakash, Koumudi Prasanna Rani, Aparajitha. Art Director - Koumudi Prasanna Rani Costumes (heroine)- Ishwarya Vullingala Marketing and promotions - Saraswathi Saru Shankar, Anirud Shandilya Copyright NOTICE - The audio and video content of this upload belongs to and is a joint property of Vipanyu Media, AlooFry Media and Tags Music. This content is protected LEGALLY and cannot be uploaded or displayed or presented anywhere/in any form for "reproduction, to gain traffic or any other benefits" - without a written & signed consent from Vipanyu Media and Tags Music. FB: Instagram:

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