Viknesh  Perrabu

Paramapatham Movie Mugile Ven Mugile Song Lyrical Bamba Bakiya Thanesh Viknesh Perrabu

Date: March 27, 2020


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Presenting You Mugile Ven Mugile song from paramapatham Movie starring Ben G,KS Maniam,Aghonderan,Thanesh Perrabu,Vicky Nadarajah,Kausaliya Ravi,Thr Maaran, Rishee. Music by Balan Raj, M.Jagathees. Vocals by Bamba Bakiya. Lyrics by Phoenix Dasan, Balanraj. For more latest songs, teaser and trailer Subscribe To Trend Music : Listen To Mugile Ven Mugile On Gaana : Saavn : Hungama : Wynk : For Caller Tunes - India Song Name: Mugile Ven Mugile Movie Name : Paramapatham Vodafone : DIAL 53711952815 Airtel : DIAL 5432117402312 Idea : DIAL 53711952815 BSNL : SMS BT 11952815 To 56700 For Caller Tunes - Malaysia Song : Mugile Venmugile-Charanam Verse Movie : Paramapatham Maxis CRT : Type *131*653411# press CALL/SEND DiGi CT : Type*233*1528340# press CALL Song : Mugile Venmugile-Outro Verse Movie : Paramapatham Maxis CRT : Type *131*653412# press CALL/SEND DiGi CT : Type*233*1528341# press CALL Mugile Ven Mugile Credits : Music : Balan Raj, M Jagathees Lyrics : Phoenix Dasan, Balanraj Vocals : Bamba Bakiya, Yuhasini Mathiyalagan Arrangement, Mixing & Mastering : M Jagathees Recorded : Shishoki Production ( Butterworth ) Paramapatham Cast & Crew : Cast : Ben G,KS Maniam,Aghonderan,Thanesh Perrabu,Vicky Nadarajah,Kausaliya Ravi,Thr Maaran, Rishee Music : Balan Raj, M Jagathees Director : Viknesh Perrabu FDAM, Thanesh Perrabu FDAM Producer : Dr.Latcha Perrabu Rajagopal, Dr.Chakrawarthy Rajagopal Banner : Sai Nanthini Movie World Audio On Trend Music Click Here To Watch :- Queen-ae Penquin-ae Song Lyrical : Pandrilkku Nandri Solli Trailer : Pandrikku Nandri Solli Jukebox : Heartu Beatu Music Video : © 2020 Trend Music For more updates: Subscribe to us on: Like Us on: Follow Us on: Follow Us on:

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