KoCoNaKa Short Film - Konjam Corona Naraiyya Kadhal U

Date: May 21, 2020


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Konjam Corona Naraiyya Kadhal is a short film written and directed by Shanthnu Bhagyaraj starring Shanthnu Bhagyaraj and Kiki Vijay. Shot completely on iPhone with no professional equipments (lights, mic etc ) Produced by : Dadson Pictures Music : Ganesan Sekar Dop : Yuvashree Editing : Shanthnu Bhagyaraj Vocals : Deepak Blue Programming : Harsha Vardhan Mixing Engineer : AR Subbiah (HARR Studio) Company Title Animation : Ramu Ponnusamy Photography : Nishanth Krishnan Designs : Apsara Venkat Image Poster : Karthikeyan Velappan Editing Supervision : Lawrence Kishore

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