RAA - Crime Thriller Short Film Venkat Prabhu Saravana Sundaram Pozhilan Black Ticket Company

Date: July 29, 2020


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RAA is a Tamil Horror-Suspense-Thriller short film directed by Pozhilan. ft. Meesha Ghoshal , Vignesh Vijayan , Akilan SPR , Swethambari in the lead roles. Hit the Subscribe Button all updates @ Producer - Venkat Prabhu , Saravana Sundaram , Reshma Banner - Black Ticket Company and WM Productions Line Producer - Anunitya Executive Producer - S2S PRODUCTIONS INDIA Cast - Meesha Ghoshal, Vignesh Vijayan, Akilan SPR, Swethambari Written & Directed - Pozhilan Cinematography - Robin Ezhil Edit - Selva RK Music - Robert Sargunam Art - Bakiyaraj V Sound mix - Suren G Associate Editor - Mathi VS VFX - Livi , Rishikhant , Prashant Color Grading - Naveen PA Special Effects MUA - Anusuya Raj Bharath Subtitles - Sajid Ali Designs - Anand Jeeva Direction Team - Pravin Bhasker, Sitharasan, Abishek Sridhar Cinematography Team - Gokul, Ramesh, Shiva Ranjan, Pravin Production Team - Reshman(S2S Production Controller), Thirumalai , Vinoth Kamble.

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