Vasanth K Karanam

Neethone Eppatiki ll New Telugu Short Filmr

Date: August 8, 2020


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Subscribe for Latest Shortfilms: Best Short Films: Please Contribute Subtitle: Watch #NeethoneEppatiki ll New Telugu Short Film 2019 ll by Vasanth K Karanam Description: After living together with Jaanu for some time, Sid wishes and celebrates her birthday in a very special way. Sid promises jaanu to be with jaanu forever.. (Neethone ..eppatiki) Will, he able to keep up his promise? who comes in between? Not a regular boy, girl and parents story... A heart touching, emotional and thrilling love story of Sid and Jaanu. Cast and Crew: Cast: ----- Lomesh Pudipeddi (Lomiyo) Ann Samuel Surya K. Enjam Guest Appearance Vasista Written and Directed By : Vasanth K Karanam Director of Photography : Ananth Ponnuswamy Editor: Carthic Cuts Music: A Vishnu Vihari Musical Producers ------ Vasanth K Karanam A. Chakivela Di colorist RAVI TEJA GANDRA Mix and Mastering - Hruday Charan Abhyuday Chowdary (Merise kanula song) Direction Team ------------- Vasista Ishika Direction Team (Post Production) -------------------------------- JaiRam(Buggoji) Posters,Titles& Vfx ---------- Kishore Sarakadam Focus puller & Camera technician ---------------------------- Ramu Thota Production Manager ----------------- Saurin B. Shah Dubbing Artists ------------- Pranathi Swamy Vishnu Vihari Guru (Guest Dubbing) Dubbing Studio ------------- Madhuvanthi recording studio Sound Engineer: Raju Singers: --------- Merise Kanula - Krishna Tejaswi Happy birthday song - Vishnu Vihari Lyricist: Vishnu Vihari Sound Effects: Vishnu Vihari For promotions contact: 8008121236 E mail: Subscribe for New Short Films: Follow Us :

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