Tuck me in (short film 2014) - Showing love with a child U/a

Date: October 8, 2014


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Micro short film directed by Ignacio F. Rodó.<br /> Based on a story by justAnotherMuffledVO (Juan J Ruiz).<br /> Starring Luka Schardan and Mark Schardan.<br /> Portfolio:<br /> IMDb:<br /> <br /> Cryptshow Festival (Spain 2014).<br /> ISFF Detmold (Germany 2014).<br /> Festival do Minuto (Brazil 2014). 'Terror' Minute Trophy.<br /> Middle Coast Film Festival (USA 2014).<br /> Fuencaliente Rural FilmFest (Spain 2014).<br /> Festival de Cine Pequeño (Spain 2014).<br /> Fancine de Lemos (Spain 2014).<br /> (Spain 2014).<br /> Obuxo Fest (Spain 2014). Second prize award.<br /> Filminute (Canada 2014). 'Best Filminute' and 'CineCoup prize' award.<br /> Pink City ISFF (India 2014).<br /> Fangofest Amposta (Spain 2014).<br /> CIM Sueca (Spain 2014).<br /> Lund Fantastisk Film Festival (Sweden 2014).<br /> Certamen ZineMinuto (Spain 2014).<br /> Telluride Horror Show (USA 2014).<br /> Celluloid Screams (UK 2014).

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