90 - Award winning Tamil Short-film by ARUNPRASATH.M U

Date: October 10, 2014


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90.<br /> A Short Film.<br /> <br /> A kid(BAGAWATHY) who is mischievous and a good dreamer, desires a video game console.<br /> Everyday looks at the console near-by his school. The desire for it blinds him in school. When his father comes to know about it, promises to get it for him.<br /> Under one condition. Bagawathy has to score 90% in the upcoming exams.<br /> The story revolves around the kid, his drunkard father, and his greedy mom. <br /> <br /> Direction & Editing: Arunprasath.M<br /> Cinematography: Swathy Deepak<br /> Produced by: Manickavachagam Ponnusamy<br /> Executive Producer: Atul Badole<br /> Production design: Pritesh Jaisingh Maru<br /> Vfx & Colourist: Muhammad Shareek <br /> <br /> Shot in GUJARAT.<br /> <br /> Thanks for all the support from my batchmates and team.

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