Big Gun Tamil Short Film Teaser - Karnaa G Crak Viknish Lokarag Asokan

Date: October 10, 2014


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This is the Official Teaser of an upcoming Tamil Short Film titled "BIG GUN which is expected to release on May 2014.<br /> <br /> Official Facebook Fanpage:<br /> <br /> Starred by:<br /> Karnaa G Crak as Karthik<br /> (<br /> <br /> Viknish Lokarag Asokan as Gautham<br /> (<br /> <br /> PK Resh as Orange Vendetta<br /> (<br /> <br /> Snazzy Santana as White Jason<br /> (<br /> <br /> Suraj Csar as White Vendetta<br /> (<br /> <br /> V.I.C as Frankenfuckinstein<br /> (<br /> <br /> Produced by : J.S. Suthesan & Havinash Jivan <br /> (<br /> (<br /> <br /> Editing by: Leo DC<br /> (<br /> <br /> Production Manager : Lathish Nair<br /> (<br /> <br /> VFX / DI Colorist : AUM DESIGN, KL<br /> <br /> Sound Designer: Blake Yap<br /> (<br /> <br /> Stunts : PK Resh<br /> (<br /> <br /> Studios : The Bad Company Films & Creartive Shutter Films<br /> (<br /> (<br /> <br /> Additional Dialogues : Thacnesh Kumar<br /> (<br /> <br /> Director of Photography : J.S. Suthesan<br /> (<br /> <br /> Music by: Santesh Kumar <br /> (<br /> <br /> Written & Directed by: Havinash Jivan<br /> (<br /> <br /> ##R RATED FILM WHICH CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGES & STRONG VIOLENCE

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