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Pune is Popular for Education it is also known as “Oxford of the East”. In our festival we are trying to take Film Makers to That Level. The “International Cultural Artifact Film Festival” is a festival that showcases the best independent films from around the world. We strongly believe that every movie is the result of hard work and, as such, they deserve our jury’s full attention during the evaluation and the best works deserve our acknowledgement and appreciation. Not only do prizes to the winners, but we also connect film makers to our network of professionals. Connecting filmmakers with our extensive database of agents, distributors and other industry professionals.

Awards & Prizes

Production Awards Best Short Films (21,000/- Trophy & Certificate) Best Documentary (21,000/- Trophy & Certificate) Best Animation Films (11,000/- Trophy & Certificate) Best Music Video (11,000/- Trophy & Certificate) Best Mobile Film (11,000/- Trophy & Certificate) Best Ad. Film (11,000/- Trophy & Certificate) Creative Awards Best Director (Trophy & Certificate) Best Cinematography (Trophy & Certificate) Best Editor (Trophy & Certificate) Best Screenplay-Dialogues (Trophy & Certificate) Best VFX (Trophy & Certificate) Best Concept (Trophy & Certificate) Best Music/Background Music (Trophy & Certificate) Performance Awards Best Actor (Trophy & Certificate) Best Actress (Trophy & Certificate) Best Child Actor (Trophy & Certificate) Lifetime Achievement Award (Veteran Actor/Actress/Technician form Indian Film Industry) (15,000/- Memento) Public Choice - Best Poster Award Cash Prize, Trophy and Certificate

Rules & Terms

Rules & Terms SUBMISSION GUIDELINES 1. Films without English Subtitles (except English Films), shall not be considered for selection. 2. Films submitted with watermarks or logos shall be Rejected. 3. Only Trailers or promos cannot be submitted for selection process. 4. Film Download link with password is preferred, DVD or Bluray are also accepted as hard copies. 5. If submitting hard copies, Two full HD DVDs/Bluray should be sent by courier to the Festival office Along with a hard copy of this entry form duly filled. DVDs must be labeled with film title, director Name, duration, phone number and email id on them. 6. Director pic, Poster, Making Stills, Film Synopsis, and Payment Receipt may be attached in an email. 7. For submissions coming from outside India, the packages must be marked, “For Festival & Cultural Purpose only, No Commercial value”. 8. ICAFF does not pay screening fees to film makers. 9. ICAFF will not return the Films submitted online or video DVDs during or after the festival. 10. Censor certificate is not mandatory. 11. Multiple entries can be submitted, but with separate entry forms. Each film is considered as a new entry. TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. ICAFF reserves the right to showcase the film so submitted perpetually anywhere (other festivals, Television, online etc.). 2. ICAFF reserves the right to include the film and related material in its promotional activities. 3. All Decisions made by the Appointed “Selection Committee” regarding Selections, screenings, awards at the Festival in entirety will be final. In case of Dispute, decision of the President is final. 4. The film makers and their representatives undertake to use the official logo and the status of their Selection or Award strictly in conformation with DIFF 2019 designs and they further undertake to use such festival logo in all their promotions, posters and marketing publications with the consent of the festival. 5. A film selected for the festival does not run in competition automatically. A Jury will select the films which feature in Competition. 6. The Festival shall not bear / reimburse any freight or other charges in foreign or Indian currency. 7. Once selected for screening, the film shall not be withdrawn. 8. Last date of submissions of Entries is 31/10/2019 and Date of Intimation of Selection will be 30/11/2019.

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Dates & Deadlines

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Categories & Fees

  • Animation, Documentary, Music Video, Short, Student, Web / New Media, Other,
  • Entry Fees : Rs. 850