International Short Films Festival Bangalore (ISFFH)

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Film Festival with Screenings

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3rd Years


Twin Lion Films

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We are happy to welcome a lot of International film producers and artists in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. This program will be accompanied by a whole number of surprises. The festival wants to offer cultural exchange, enabling all participants to deepen their experience of life. Film as a form of art has the power to create a tolerant world - even if initially on screen only: it's a first class medium for transporting unusual perspectives of our view of the world and our actions

Awards & Prizes

Awards Short Film 1st Prize - INR. 20,000/- (Best Short Film) 2nd Prize - INR. 15,000/- (Best Short Film) 3rd Prize – INR. 10.000/- (Best Short Film) Best Director Best Cinematographer Best Editing Best Screen play Best Short Film (India) Best Mobile Shoot Best Documentary Best Short Film (Aboard) Best Message Oriented Best Back Ground Music Best Dialogues Best Actor Best Actress Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress Best Child Artist Best Silent Film

Rules & Terms

Deadline for registration: 21st Jan 2017 Registration fees (Non-refundable): Rs.500/- for Indian Entry and for outside Indian Entry is Rs. 1200/- Late registration upto 23rd Jan 2017 with Non-refundable late fees Rs. 1000/- Duration : Up to 20 Minutes (including credit list) The short film must have been completed after 1 January 2015, Open to all age groups Subject : Any of your choice Format : Documentary or Short Film could be shot on any camera but English subtitles are compulsory for languages other than English, Hindi & Marathi. Entries MUST be PAL format only. NTSC is NOT accepted. Festival Management will not be responsible if film is not screened due to problem with the DVD. The film can be documentary, experimental, narrative, fiction or animation. The original film may be produced on 35 mm, 16 mm, HD, DIGI BETA, BETA SP, U-MATIC, DV, DVD, but the film must be available on DVD presentation or preview purpose. Two DVDs need to be submitted along with the entry. Each Preview DVD should be labeled with the title, running-time and contact email and phone number. Multiple entries can be submitted, but with separate entry forms, preview DVD, synopsis/description, still photographs, press kit should be enclosed. Each film is considered as a new entry. ISFFB organization has right to use the entries / send / selected / nominated films, DVD and materials from the film for Festival promotional purposes and to retain DVD copies of each film as part of our festival library. Pre selection Committee: All the Documentaries or Short Films will be confidentially screened by a pre selection committee appointed by Committee. This committee reserves every right to exclude Documentaries which are not in conformity with the objectives of the competition or which offend national feelings or likely to promote discrimination based on gender, caste, creed, religion or language. The Documentaries or Short Films lacking sufficient technical qualities will also be rejected. Final Screening: Documentaries or Short Films selected by pre selection committee will only be eligible for final screening at the competition venue. Publication authorization: All the official entrants will authorize the organizers to publish their Documentary or Short Film in ISFFB and will also allow usage of clips from the Documentary for the promotional usage on TV, Radio, in Print, at live festival events including photos , for which the entrants are solely responsible. Also the organizers will be able to share the information with its publicity partners (if any). Acknowledgement of the awards : Entrants must agree to acknowledge the award on the film itself if wins the award. Return of the copies: Copies for the festival will be retained by the organizers film archive for cultural, non-commercial, non profit festivals and archival screening in the future. Cancellation / Rejection: Committee reserves the right to cancel any submission or take any action against any breach of regulations or any misbehavior disturbing the course of the festival. Committee also reserves all the rights to refuse or reject any registration / entry of any Documentary or Short Film or persons or institutions. Committee reserves all the rights to make any changes in the rules and regulations or in the schedule of the competition. Entry will only be considered valid after receiving all the required documents and the final screening copy of the Documentary or Short Film on or before 21st Jan 2017 and will be considered as the final entry. Results declared by the pre selection committee and final juries will be treated as final and all the participants will be abided by them. Committee and juries will not have any bindings to give any clarification or justification regarding the results to anyone.

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  • Animation, Documentary, Short, Student, Web / New Media, Short Script, Other,
  • Entry Fees : Rs. 7