Jake Mason

Role: Film Maker/Screen Writer/Artist

I’ve been an aspiring filmmaker since the age of 11 with many projects under my belt. I’m enthusiastic, hardworking and I love teamwork. I was always interested in entertainment and art. Films fascinated me but I didn't always see it as a career path. I attended a youth theatre from 2005 to 2013 with the ambition of being a stage actor. While learning drama I decided I wanted to be involved in film and not necessarily acting. Since my first film, my skills have rapidly developed. My constant interest and self-teaching has expanded my knowledge comprehensively. My experience in many art forms has lead me to obtain a very wide skill set including acting, film production, editing, screenwriting and music production. As a young aspiring filmmaker, I am pursuing a professional career in the film industry. I have been involved in over 20 projects. Over the seven years that I have been making films my skills as a director, cinematographer and producer have strengthened substantially. I recently graduated from Weston College with a BTEC Extended Diploma in Media Production. In July 2018 I moved to Bristol, UK to study a BA in Film Production at Screenology.

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